Responsible predator management across the Hoosier State.

Indiana Predator

Welcome to our home page!

Founded in 2001, Indiana Predator offers landowners an opportunity to protect wildlife, livestock and pets from predation issues at no expense.  Our staff is experienced, professional and ethical in their wildlife management duties.   The newest member of our team joined in 2005 so we know these guys very well and trust them to uphold our reputation.

The State of Indiana does not have an Animal Damage Control program for predators as many other states do.  Indiana landowners must find private contractors or licensed individuals to perform wildlife control as defined by IDNR regulations.  This often leaves you with the choice of spending a lot of money on contractors or taking a risk on strangers, but not with Indiana Predator!

Our methods are labor intensive and fast paced but non-intrusive to local wildlife, livestock and neighbors. We explain our method of operation with what we call the 3-2-1 system.  (3) Times a year (2) of our staff members will access the property for (1) hour.  That’s it. 

No strange vehicles, no unfamiliar faces, no dogs, no traps, no trash or tire ruts left behind.  We spend as little time as possible on a property while controlling predator populations, then we move to the next one.
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